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Monday June 24th 2024
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»Random Item Javascript
This is a simple Javascript tutorial on random items. Copy/paste this script and save as .js file to your site, example "random.js". . .

The Script:

Edit this lines and insert your desired content (image, html, quotes, links, banners, partners, featured files, etc.):

quotes[0]='Your first content here.'

quotes[1]='Your second content here.'

quotes[2]='Your third content here.'

You can add random content as many as you want just keep quotes[number] in order.

Note: Make sure to add one content per one line, do not leave empty line between same content use <br/> instead, a single unwanted whitespace can make the whole script invalid.

Implementing The Script:
To display random content script to your site, copy/paste this code in to your page where you want the random content to appear.

Change site and script url (src) to your own.
Random Logo Sample :

Random Links/Banner Sample :
Random Quotes Sample :

Note: If you're using a quotes/text with apostrophe ('), always put a backslash (\) in front of it (e.g. You can\'t and not You can't) or else the whole script will become invalid, backslash will become invisible if displayed in an actual text. . .

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